Forge of Gods


Forge of Gods


Forge of Gods is an epic turn-based strategy game mixed with RPG and collectible card game features. Awake your hero from centuries of long sleep and help the people of New Eden in their fight against the dreadful Titans! Create a powerful army using more than 600 creatures to choose from. Fight with hordes of monsters to gain experience and improve your warriors. Plan your strategy and tactics, use your wisdom and cunning and discover unique battle combinations that will smash your enemies to pieces! 

Endless possibilities  

There are more than 600 heroes in the Forge of Gods game. Each of them has its own unique appearance, stats, race and specialty skills.  
This allows for thousands of unique combinations and paths to victory. The battlefield is changing dynamically — you can switch positions of your warriors to gain a tactical advantage and lure monsters into deadly traps.  

Evolution is the key to survival  

Discover this magical land, fight terrible monsters and collect new heroes. Using the evolution feature, you can improve your creatures and make them even stronger! Seek out powerful artifacts in the ancient dungeons and look for evolution materials to turn your warriors into demigods.  

A world of adventure  

During an epic campaign, you will travel through hundreds of different locations. Explore this fantasy world full of mysterious dungeons, bloodthirsty monsters, and mighty bosses. The journey is long and full of dangers but during your adventures you will acquire your own castle, travel to the top of the world and visit all the interesting places New Eden has to offer. 

Joy of the battle  

Tired of adventures? Test your skills against thousands of other players in PVP arenas and claim the title of the most powerful warlord. The strongest players will receive rare items and the ability to summon legendary heroes from the Netherworld.  

Explosive mix  

The Forge of Gods brings together the best features of strategy, action, collectible card and role-playing games. Whether you like rushing into battle or carefully planning your every step — this free browser game has you covered.  

Key game features:

  • More than 600 unique heroes 
  • A campaign of epic adventures 
  • Thousands of unit combinations
  • Quests and daily challenges 
  • Hundreds of locations and dungeons 
  • Evolution system for your creatures 
  • Battles with other players

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this is the beast game ever becuse i am beast at this
something different, nice
asome stuff
best RPG ever!